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I've tried searching for advice on CLI Accessibility but I came up blank - as someone who generally only makes CLI things, are there any guides on how to make them maximally accessible?

When we are talking about assistive systems, we should stick to details at first. We need to explore it as wide as we can.
Xoids are modular. And the very first user interface is - a tty terminal. It's not assistive at all, but it doesn't set special barriers. In the origin, this UI was meant to be another piece of hardware (teletype!).
That is also the first @ramona@todon.eu @devinprater @tychosoft - 1/3

stage, where we could put up assistive systems.
Then we have a kind of transmissive layer, e.g. Xserver. Next stage for assistive systems?
Then, we have window managers.
Software, that has own UI (vim, emacs, just as example). Some of those deny the modular principle, as emacs (no judgement, just a fact)
We should think over, which assistive technology should be @seachaint @ramona@todon.eu @devinprater @tychosoft - 2/3

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