Fellow site admins, is there a good working way out there to share domain blocks? It’s a tricky topic, I know, but it would be nice to share/discuss with other site admins.

@jwildeboer I have been thinking the same. It's like sharing pi.hole lists, I suppose. I think it'd be a good feature to be able to automatically consume block lists.

What I'm less sure about is if it's a good idea to automatically publish block lists on e.g. a server URL... because when you do that, you basically announce to bad actors how to circumvent your settings.


@jens @jwildeboer
A lot of instances have the list of silences or blocked instances somewhere in the "about" pages. I think this is good, since then potential users can inform themselves. Example: mastodon.social/about/more#una

@bergamlaimerin @jens Running a Single-User instance like I do makes my blocklist probably a bit too specific to openly share. But that’s my gut feeling only. So before I switch that option on, I’d love to learn from fellow admins (of small instances) how they deal with it.

@jwildeboer @bergamlaimerin @jens pleroma let's you automatically expose what you block, so all I have to do is yeet the instance.

I only totally remove servers known to intentionally host CP and MAPs
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